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The Seventh Quarry Press in Swansea will soon be publishing my latest book of poems, A Partial Truth (August or September this year). Blurb as follows:

These poems encompass a great variety of genres, moods and themes from the personal and reflective to the satirical, philosophical, historical, and scientific. What they share is a formalist conviction that rhyme and meter are by no means obsolete for serious poetic purposes and that verse technique is a necessary, if not sufficient, condition for any poem that merits the name. They also put the case for a poetics that takes its distance from the highly subjective, self-absorbed, often private-confessional mode of much present-day lyric poetry. This allows them a wider range of tone and attitude as well as a greater freedom for the exercise of intelligent thought about topics beyond the narrowly first-person remit. Norris reminds us that the intellectual passions are rightly so called since ideas can generate a degree of passionate involvement that finds its fullest, most striking expression in formally complex and challenging verse.

pp. 124; price £8.50 including postage. Contact me by email ( to order copies. Other volumes of poetry also available: The Cardinal’s Dog, 2015; For the Tempus-Fugitives, 2016; The Winnowing Fan, 2017; The Matter of Rhyme, 2018, The Trouble with Monsters, 2019.



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