How to get a copy of The Folded Lie

This book is a collection of hard-hitting, sometimes scurrilous but passionately eloquent and committed poems written at and around the time of the 2019 General Election. If you want to get back on fighting form after its bad outcome, then these poems may help, along with Martin Gollan’s striking and forceful cartoons.

You can order copies either from the publishers Culture Matters or direct from Chris at

ISBN 9-781912-710249

Price £8 including UK postage.


The Folded Lie

This is a collection of highly topical and hard hitting political poems and cartoons, the poems by Chris Norris and the cartoons by Martin Gollan. They were written during the period leading up to the current political crisis and offer almost a week-by-week commentary on events and developments. Watch this space for details of price, formats and availability.

A Partial Truth, my new book of poems

Just to let you know that my new book of poems, A Partial Truth, has recently been published by Peter Thabit Jones’s excellent Seventh Quarry Press. There will be a launch-party at the National Waterfront Museum (Swansea SA1 3RD) on October 16th from 7 to 9 p.m. If you’d like to buy a copy just email me – – and I’ll advise on methods of payment.

ISBN 978-0-9935326-7-2       £9.99 incl. postage      133pp

The April Letters – latest novel from Val


My latest novel, The April Letters, is now out, ISBN 978-1-9161619-2-4. You can get it from Amazon, Cambria Books or some bookshops. Here’s what it’s about:

Loneliness.  It can lead to out-of-character behaviour.  The solitary figure who sits confined in a small room, hunched over a table and writing feverishly, knows this only too well.

Young Susan Smith’s world was shattered when a freak accident killed her mother and nothing was ever the same for her again.  With this shocking event begins Susan’s struggle with insecurity, crippling shyness and guilt. Then, unexpectedly, she is given a chance to escape from these troubles.  Yet even now she feels there is something lacking. What more does Susan need?

Years later another life-changing event resurrects ghosts from her past. Will she be able to untangle her past and confront her shadows? The outcome surprises Susan as much as it will the reader.


Chris’s even newer book!

The Seventh Quarry Press in Swansea will soon be publishing my latest book of poems, A Partial Truth (August or September this year). Blurb as follows:

These poems encompass a great variety of genres, moods and themes from the personal and reflective to the satirical, philosophical, historical, and scientific. What they share is a formalist conviction that rhyme and meter are by no means obsolete for serious poetic purposes and that verse technique is a necessary, if not sufficient, condition for any poem that merits the name. They also put the case for a poetics that takes its distance from the highly subjective, self-absorbed, often private-confessional mode of much present-day lyric poetry. This allows them a wider range of tone and attitude as well as a greater freedom for the exercise of intelligent thought about topics beyond the narrowly first-person remit. Norris reminds us that the intellectual passions are rightly so called since ideas can generate a degree of passionate involvement that finds its fullest, most striking expression in formally complex and challenging verse.

pp. 124; price £8.50 including postage. Contact me by email ( to order copies. Other volumes of poetry also available: The Cardinal’s Dog, 2015; For the Tempus-Fugitives, 2016; The Winnowing Fan, 2017; The Matter of Rhyme, 2018, The Trouble with Monsters, 2019.



Chris’s new book of political poems

This is to let you know that my book of political verse The Trouble with Monsters was published in paperback by Culture Matters on January 2nd 2019. The poems take aim at some monsters of our present bad times, among them Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Theresa May, George Osborne, Benjamin Netanyahu, and assorted hangers-on.  These politicians act as if they have said to themselves, like Milton’s Satan, ‘Evil, be thou my good’. They are held to account here in verse-forms that are tight and sharply focused despite the intense pressure of feeling behind them. The satire is unsparing and the dominant tone one of anger mixed with sorrow and a vivid sense of the evils and suffering brought about by corruptions of political office. The influence of Brecht is visible throughout, as is that of W.H. Auden’s mordant verse-commentary on politics and culture in the 1930s, along with the great eighteenth-century verse-satirists Dryden, Pope and Swift.

Norris leaves the reader in no doubt that we now face a global and domestic neo-fascist resurgence that won’t be defeated unless by concerted action on the part of left activists across borders of every sort. The book has a jacket design very much in keeping with its content: a specially commissioned cartoon by the Guardian’s Martin Rowson entitled ‘Donald, Jacob, Theresa – and look out for Boris!’

‘A unique combination of political anger and poetic ingenuity’ Terry Eagleton

117 pp; published January 2019; ISBN 978-1-912710-12-6

If you would like to have a copy of the book for £8 including UK postage please email me ( giving name and postal address. I’ll then get back to you with payment details.